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'Return to Homs' in the Press

" turns exhilarating and devastating..."

"Like its heroes, we are pulled into the conflict with frenzied immediacy as we experience one city, the dreaded rites of passage of two friends, and ultimately an entire nation torn apart by the fog of war"

"...affords us a glimpse of the real desperation behind the waving rifles."

"A ferocious, devastating doc and a must-see for anyone seeking an insider's view of the Syrian uprising."

"..provides an unflinching insider’s view of the Syrian conflict which has killed thousands and forced millions from their homes since 2011."

"Scenes in which the rebels run from house to house, firing on their opponents through holes knocked into the walls, tap veins of adrenalin which Hollywood blockbusters can only dream of finding. A sober, sobering bulletin of unambiguous intention and undeniable power ” 

Syrian filmmaker Orwa Nyrabia speaks about his new film, ‘Return to Homs’

"The film makes you an eyewitness to the chaos of war"

The Sunday Times (in print)

"should be seen" ****

"Portrays the struggle from the inside, from about as far from the filter of mainstream media as one can get, capturing tense shootouts and the extremes of revolutionary spirit in unnerving detail ”

"A remarkable achievement in immersive conflict-zone filmmaking, fearlessly taking us to the front lines of the Syrian civil war”

"...puts a human face on the ongoing violence in Syria."

"Return to Homs by Talal Derki is one of the most remarkable films I have ever seen. See it if you have the chance."

"..timely, unflinching and human.."

Audio interview with producer Orwa Nyrabia

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